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New TopicALASTAIR KIDDPosted by al_ramone
15 Jan 2010 :  4:44:40 PM
Name: Alastair Kidd
DOB: 1961
Place of birth: Arbroath RI
Current Location: Scotland

Lived in Arbroath from 1961-1963, don't remember much! Visit as often as poss - still got family in the town, as well as Carnoustie, Broughty, Dundee and Kirrie.
Went to PE college in south of England and met Fraser Cargill from the town, and Carol Gair from London, whose Grandad was in my Grandad's class in primary school! Dad also Alastair Kidd - he married Elspeth Nicoll from Carnoustie. Uncle Ron Kidd still lives in town. Great Uncle Bill Reid taught art at High School before moving on to Hospitalfield
Grandad was Arch Kidd grocer and butcher.
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New TopicALEX NAIRNPosted by AlexJN
06 Dec 2010 :  2:30:02 PM
Name: Alex Nairn
DOB: 1948
Place of birth: Arbroath
Current Location: Woking, Surrey, UK

Left Arbroath in 1973 but still gaze nostalgically at pictures and YouTube videos

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New TopicALLAN WILKIEPosted by Allan Wilkie
14 Mar 2010 :  7:41:14 PM
Name: Allan Wilkie
DOB: 1947
Place of birth arbroath
Current Location: Canada
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New TopicAMY CARGILLPosted by amycargill
28 Feb 2009 :  03:04:46 AM
Name: Amy Cargill

Current Location: USA

I descend from Cargills and Boaths of Arbroath. I would like to connect with someone from these families. My grandfather, Alfred William Farquhar Menmuir Cargill, Jr was born in Arbroath in 1901. His mother was Isabella Boath from the same town.
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New TopicANDERSON, GRANTPosted by grant
03 Dec 2009 :  12:21:42 AM
Hello there,
I was born in the fife jamieson in 1944 but lived in Panmure Street and Horologe Hill before joining the airforce in 1960. I went to Parkhouse School and then Hayshead, finishing at the High School.
My closest friends were Alan Russell, Mike Reid, Geordie and Niel Hadden all of whom I went to school with.

i still have a brother (Norman) and sister (elizabeth) live in the town so I still visit from time to time. So many changes.
Current Location: Norfolk
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New TopicANN WARREN (NEE: )Posted by annpat
01 Mar 2011 :  3:18:53 PM
Name: ann warren (nee: )
Place of birth:
Current Location:

Holbeach Lincolnshire
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New TopicAUNT SALLYPosted by Aunt Sally
04 Aug 2010 :  7:56:36 PM
Born in Glasgow, moved to the Elms aged 4 as part of the overspill of the late 60's, lived there whilst at Inverbrothock and High schools, I remember the pre-fabs down the road which were soon replaced with more new houses. Have fond memories of tree swings at Hercs Den, jumpin pipes at Hidden Valley and taking short cuts over there to school, bonfires at the Park on Guy Fawkes night, Guisin at Halloween, Itchy Coos at the Bushey Park and fly fags in the Western Cemetry (dead men don't tell tales). Timmergreens Youth Club, the Disc at the Community Centre, the Bathing Pool Disco, the Marine, Neeters, the Imperial/Malacca, the Stables at Seaton Hoose (the bucket of water song and the boat dance) stopping the bus back to town at Flemings to get fresh baked pies, 1the Meadowbank on Sundays and the Viewfield, live music round the pubs. Still love live music, drag my kids round the festivals on the South Coast in my Camper Van most summers now. Lived briefly in Colliston and Montrose before moving to Cornwall, London and settling in Poole 20 years ago. It's a lovely part of the country and the weather's better but I do miss the wit, humour and sense of fun - they just don't get it here. Would love to hear from anyone who shares these memories.
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New TopicBOB SMARTPosted by smartbob
18 Jun 2008 :  3:10:37 PM
Name: Bob Smart
Born: Glasgow
Current Location: Arbroath

Hi....I taught Science at the Academy from 1966-1996...did you have to put up with me? ...hahahah
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New TopicBRIAN FOTHERINGHAMPosted by Foggy
15 Dec 2010 :  03:19:05 AM
Name: Brian Fotheringham (Foggy)
DOB: 56
Place of birth: Arbroath
Current Location: Ottawa, Ontario

Born and raised in Arbroath, went to Inverbrothock, then High School. Lived in England for a while, moved to Canada in 88 for a 2 year adventure, been here ever since. ....... Would be good to hear from any old friends.

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New TopicBROWN, SHIRLEY (NEE HAYES)Posted by shirley
05 Jul 2008 :  11:04:29 PM
I lived in arbroath most of my life attended old ladyloan school,hayshead then on to Arbroath
Academy left school 1979. I now live in the highlands of perthshire have 3 children. Also a grandaughter and a grandson. How time flies.
Current Location: Highlands
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New TopicBUXNER, DOROTHY (NEE ANDERSON)Posted by SweetMamaDot777
18 Jun 2008 :  08:46:50 AM
Moved back to the town 3 yrs ago now , from Iowa, USA. My husband Dan is an American and just loves this wee town of ours !We plan to retire here......but not for a wee whilie yet...ha ha
Current Location: Arbroath
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New TopicCAROLINE ADAMSONPosted by caroline
19 Jan 2014 :  9:12:31 PM
Name: Caroline Adamson
DOB: 25/12/1955
Place of birth: Huntly, Aberdeen
Current Location: Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Looking for anyone who might be related to me or who might know any relatives of my granddad Robert Smith who went to Belize, which was known then as British Honduras in 1900 ish ? His son was my dad Hugh Gilbert Smith

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New TopicCHARLES TRIMBLEPosted by expatriate
13 Sep 2011 :  12:23:43 AM
Name: Charles Trimble
DOB: June, 1933.
Place of birth: Stanley Street, Arbroath.
Current Location: Wales

I attended the old Abbey School (1938 - 45) and then the High School (1945 - 48). After leaving school I was an enthusiastic member of the Fairport Wheelers Cycling Club until I joined the R.A.F. in 1951. I moved around quite a bit during my 22 years service and afterwards but have finally settled in Wales. I would dearly love to hear from anyone who remembers me from the past.
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New TopicCOLIN WATSONPosted by colin watson
09 Mar 2015 :  12:20:35 AM
Name: colin watson
DOB: 1951
Place of birth: Arbroath
Current Location: Australia

Went to Inverbrothock primary and then on to High school,first lived at the pre-fabs 2 Elm Hill,then 5 leonard St near the Abbey.Was a member of the 3rd Arbroath scouts.Played soccer and rugby at school.Left Arbroath to join the RAF.Had 2 sisters Sheila born 1947 and Pat born 1957.Mother and father Irene and William moved to 6 Cairnie loan but sadly both have now passed away.I Emigrated to Australia in 1996 and now live in Melbourne ,Get back to Arbroath every 2 years or so.
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18 Jun 2008 :  04:03:16 AM
I was born in Arbroath in 1964, I went to Warddykes Primary School and then to Arbroath Academy. On leaving school i went to work for Francis Websters & Sons as a weaver, and finally Angus College as an Animal Care Assistant at the Glebe. I am now in Taunton Somerset where i moved in 2005, I moved to work for NAWT, the National Animal Welfare Trust as an Animal Care Assistant, since then ive moved on to being a residental carer, caring for young persons in care with behavioural problems. At the moment im currently not working due to health problems.
Current Location: Taunton
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New TopicCRUICKSHANK, BOBPosted by Bob Cruickshank
18 Jun 2008 :  4:36:21 PM
Left Arbroath 1966, was married to Nessie Baird live Elm pre-fab worked Reekie T.V.hope some old freinds will see this.
Current Location: Canada
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New TopicDAVE HODSONPosted by tattman
15 Oct 2011 :  8:38:51 PM
Name: dave hodson
DOB: 1959
Place of birth:
Current Location: Arbroath, Scotland
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New TopicDAVID CAMPBELLPosted by davecam
18 Jun 2008 :  12:11:39 PM
Name: David Campbell
Born: 1958
Current Location: Blackburn, England

Left Arbroath 32 years ago. Still come back regularly. Happily married with 3 boys.
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New TopicDAVID CARGILLPosted by cargill0261
30 Jun 2009 :  2:15:25 PM

Name: David Cargill
DOB: 03/05/1944
Place of birth: Arbroath (fit o the toon)
Current Location: Arbroath, Scotland

Went to ladyloan school then the High School (thats the old one's) worked for Frances Websters, enlisted in the Black Watch did 6 years and left the town drove H G V and PSV for a time then became a paramedic for 21 years down south,retired due to injury, ran my own company for about 14 years retired from that to enjoy whats left of life
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New TopicDAVID MUIRPosted by Dave Muir
07 Jun 2015 :  11:54:07 PM
Name: David Muir
Place of birth:Arbroath
Current Location: Aviemore

I attended Abbey and Parkie school one year at Inver then Academy left to work as commis chef at windmill hotel then onto viewfield hotel left there in 1980 to Aviemore to find work still here still here after 33years now working Senior Ex Chef at Cairngorm Hotel my family still live in Arbroath my sister Jeanette and Phil and brother Terry my daughter Diane lives in Gedy Place married to Scott would like to hear from old friends and workmates from years gone by visit home about 4 times a year to visit family
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