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Hot TopicDAVIDSON, STANPosted by stan
22 Jun 2008 :  11:33:07 PM
Survived Parkie then off to the High School..left in 1964..Was a member of the 7th Arbroath Boys Brigade at St.Andrews Church..Played in a band called the Statesmen with Johnny Ford, Ferg Hayes,Alan MacFarlane and Jackie Lindsay,Brian Cargill,Sandy Edgely and for a short time Stewart Black(not all at the same time)....Sang at the folk club with Danny Martin and occasionally Veronica Carini..Founding member of the original Arbroath Rugby club circa 1966..Played for Strathie too after the club ceased(treasurer ran off with the kitty!true story)..Moved to London in 1972 came to Canada in 1976..Like Arbroath still and Im back several times year to drink at the Lochlands now Colin McNab has retired and get a black pudding and pie fix..Married Amanda in 1976 and my son Deaglan is now 23.. Thats enough for now???
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New TopicDENIS SPEIRSPosted by dirtyden
15 Jul 2008 :  10:59:17 PM
Name: Denis Speirs
Born: Arbroath
Current Location: Arbroath, Scotland
Was into motorcycles (how I HATE the term BIKER !!)for many years too old for them now AND too many idiots on road to feel safe on ANY form of two wheeled transport!! Got back into radio /shortwave radio about 5 yrs ago..building sets etc. have large stocks of components (never knew there were so many variations on types) safer then motorbikes!! provided you switch off mains eqpt BEFORE poking around with a screwdriver!!
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New TopicDICKSON, BRIANPosted by Brian Dickson
18 Jun 2008 :  12:26:03 PM
Born Arbroath 1950, baptized in the Original Succession Kirk (long gone.) Hayshead school. Arbroath Academy then Angus Technical. Enjoyed the 3rd Arbroath Cubs then Scouts followed by Venture Scouts. Member of St Thomas Swimming Club & Ron Marr''s Scuba Club, (I swam every day at''The Baths.'') Arbroath folk Club. Oh yea I almost forgot this one, during the Summer (65-68) I loved hanging out at the Switchies and the Windmill''s back ballroom.
I was the Fisheracre Mace delivery driver (67-69) Apprenticed (I mean kept prisoner) in G&L Frazers (66-70)
Emigrated to Brantford Ontario at age 21.
Now I''m older than dirt and living in Maine USA.

Current Location: We are now Gypsies traveling the USA in a Class A motor home,(9mpg) my better half Maxine is a Traveling Nurse, placing us 3 months in any one location. I am in Insurance sales with Aflac and will continue my career as we go. I should write a Blog. How about
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New TopicDIXON, HELEN (NEE SMITH)Posted by smithy
26 Jun 2008 :  07:06:26 AM
Born Arbroath 40,s, went to Abbey School, Ladyloan, a year of High School before leaving town in 1957. Lived on West Newgate. Grandfather was Salveys Jock (Smith) of Ladybridge st. I think his mum was a Cargill. He sailed on the "Sunshine" I think in his younger days. Made Smokies in latter days.. I also have Swankie and Watt,Stewart,Wood in my line from the fit o the toon side as well. Granny being Kitty Watt Swankie(Smith) She is carrying the brides dishes in a famous fisher photo. Do they still tar & feather the guys?
Current Location: Delta.b.c. Canada. Looking forward to being in the toon Nov 19th
Loved my three day visit to the town nov 2013 . Sister catherine. Nee smith wonders if any of her old pals remembered her? From 9 west Newgate.. One of the neighbour hood kids, Alec cargill. Sandra bell, Maureen Milne.
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New TopicEWAN HAYESPosted by BearLy
28 Mar 2009 :  7:15:15 PM
Name: Ewan Hayes
DOB: 1950
Place of birth: Arbroath Infirmary
Current Location: Deepest Somerset clue its not Weston Super Mare
I was at Hayshead 1955 to 1962 then I was imprisoned at that dreadful High School till 1967.I was in the Air Cadets 2422 Squdron 1964-1968( George Penman,Malcolm Finlayson, Dennis Lowson, Ian Eddie, Brian Forsyth and others (Keith Robertson where are you?). Since then I moved to Dundee sort of then I lived and worked around Edinburgh till 1996. I wonder what happened to Anne Mchutchison since 1985?
Then temporarily took a contract in England then another and another ,,,,,
I miss the braes of Angus and I wonder if anyone remembers me? (I know Ron Fenton and Brian Forsyth do).
Happy to engage in banter but I wonder if we should not also be doing something to help our home town our own people too etc. Like a foundation to help people cope with living there?
Meanwhile Freedom for Scotland and Free Tibet too
May all beings be blessed
Too many words- sorry
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New TopicGARY CONNELLPosted by hoatcher
15 Jul 2008 :  5:55:01 PM
Name: gary connell
Born: 1948
Current Location: Canada

Worked at Frasers in town and out at Elliot then came to Canada in 1974 been here ever since. Living in Stoney Creek Ontario, working in Burlington.
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New TopicGARY THOMPSONPosted by Pétanque
15 Feb 2013 :  7:23:07 PM
Name: Gary Thompson
DOB: 1951
Place of birth:
Current Location: France

Born 1951. Went to Parkie and Academy, none the worse for it. Retired and happy living in south of France.
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New TopicGEORGE FRASERPosted by george
26 Aug 2008 :  5:31:45 PM
Name: george fraser
Born: arbroath
Current Location: Spain

Born in Arbroath in 1946 left to spend 23 years in the Army and then 20 years down in English Prisons ( as an officer). Retired and now living the life in sunny Spain. Miss Arbroath but would miss the sun more so here I stay. Back on holiday soon to collect some pies, black pudding,lorne sa
usage etc etc. And of course to meet up with friends and family. Just arrived back from my visit (01/09/08). Met up with my nephew David Fraser for his surprise 40th birthday. Also met up with my old sisters Marian and Madge and their numerous offspring. Had a few drinks in the Commercial wonderful pub full of wonderful people generous to a fault. Roll on my next visit.
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New TopicGEORGE PENMANPosted by macdodd
04 Apr 2009 :  11:25:08 PM
Name: George Penman
DOB: 23 June 1949
Place of birth: Ma Grannies Hoose Arbroath
Current Location: Arbroath Scotland

Working for my self now after 39 years globe trotting to Oman, Saudi Arabia Dundee, Perth, England, Germany, Detroit & Windsor Ontario to name but a few places.

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New TopicGILLIAN WOOD (NEE: )Posted by gillfred
29 Sep 2009 :  2:38:15 PM

Name: Gillian Wood (nee: )
DOB: 01/04/1972
Place of birth: Ladysmith, South Africa
Current location: Arbroath, Scotland
I moved to Arbroath in 1985 when I was 13 years old and went to Arbroath Academy. My parents are both from Arbroath.

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New TopicGLORIA MACKENZIE (NEE: )Posted by Glomac
03 Mar 2018 :  09:38:32 AM
Name: Gloria Mackenzie
Born in Scotland
Current Location: New Zealand

I lived with my family at 42 Keptie Street in the early 1960s before moving to New Zealand in 1966..I went to Inverbrothick Primary School and my last teacher there was Miss Keith...
I would like to connect with ex pupils from those years who may have been in my class or may remember me...
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New TopicGORDON MURRAYPosted by excimer1
29 Jun 2008 :  5:27:12 PM
Name: Gordon Murray
Current Location: USA
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New TopicGUTHRIE, DAVIDPosted by DaveG
20 Nov 2009 :  3:43:53 PM
Hi, I was born in Dundee 1951 and was raised in Arbroath.Lived in Strathmore Avenue, now known as Strathairlie went to Parkhouse then onto Arbroath Academy.Left A.C. in 1966 and was apprentice baker to Bill Rennie who had a shop in Guthrie Port. Left in 1967 to join the Army as a muscian (used to play with the Arbroath Instrumental Band). Spent two of those years at the Royal Military School of Music (Kneller Hall). After completing eleven years in the army changed career's which lasted 28 years. Have retired and relocated to South Wales(mid-Glamorgan).
Still love to vist home when I can. Anybody knows me please get in contact.
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New TopicHELEN WALLACE (SMITH) (NEE: )Posted by Helen
07 Jun 2015 :  7:19:21 PM
Name: Helen Wallace (Smith) (nee: )
DOB: 1950
Place of birth: Arbroath
Current Location: Arbroath

Went to Inverbrothock, then the High School. Lived in Aberdeen and Forfar for a while before settling back here. Now retired
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New TopicHELLOPosted by k9mac
12 Feb 2014 :  11:06:08 PM
Name: Ian Swankie Mcintosh
DOB: 1960
Place of birth:
Current Location: North Yorkshire

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New TopicHOLLAND, TRACYPosted by tracy-lee@nifty.com
18 Jun 2008 :  08:27:34 AM
I went to Arbroath High School, primary and secondary. Last job was in Leeds pemanent Building Society, in Dundee. Left to do a six month job in Japan and have been here ever since.

Although will be back to Arbroath soon. Threat or Promise. lol

Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Current Location: Japan
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New TopicIAN GERRARDPosted by sandy scot
09 May 2011 :  1:00:22 PM
Name: ian gerrard
DOB: 22.06.1966
Place of birth: ARBROATH

My grandad ran Gerrard Bro's Boatbuilders with my uncles David & Andrew
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New TopicIRENE DOUGLAS (NEE: )Posted by irene57
28 Sep 2010 :  9:06:01 PM
Name: irene douglas (nee: )
Place of birth:
Current Location: United Kingdom

My Mother Evelyn Walker (Nee McKinnon) born in Arbroath in 1933 is looking for classmates of Abbey School which she attended 1938-1945.
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New TopicJACK ANDERSONPosted by weejack
17 Feb 2012 :  2:43:55 PM
Name: jack anderson
DOB: 10/03/45
Place of birth:Arbroath
Current Location: Spain
Born in Arbroath 1945, lived in Grant rd. Had two brothers (twins).My granny had a lodging house in East Grimsby ( the monkey lodging house)My father was a driving instuctor and mother worked in Gallowden laundry.Went to school at Inverbrothock then the old high school.Worked at Lambs garage then left to join merchant navy. married, ended up as a physio for FA now living the"viva loca" in southern Spain , sailing on a daily basis, Mates were Alan satch jones, Alan rusty russel, Doug banks, Jimmy miller, Denis beattie, and loads more of that early sixties rock and roll era at YM, Marine, Palais, .. Where did the time go?

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New TopicJANET WEBSTER (NEE: )Posted by jintyweb
24 Sep 2009 :  11:00:05 AM
Name: Janet Webster (nee:Cunningham )
DOB: 1948
Place of birth: Arbroath
Current Location: Arbroath, Scotland

Born Arbroath went to Parkhouse School, then Hayshead on to the High School glad to leave school! Worked in the Public Library until I went to S Africa in 1968. Back to Arbroath in 1985 worked at Arbroath Academy school library until 1994. retired thankfully but due to ill health. Now spend most of my time in Ninewells or at the doctors!
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