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New TopicJENNIFER RAINEY (NEE LINE )Posted by jennifer
06 Jun 2011 :  11:59:41 AM
Name: jennifer rainey ( nee Line )
DOB: 1956
Place of birth: Arbroath
Current Location: Doncaster
lived in Strathie with Granny Rennie (Nellie ) next door to Mrs Black.sister Helena Line.
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New TopicJESSIE DEXTERPosted by jd1212
20 Oct 2009 :  2:50:36 PM
Name: jessie dexter/nee McDonald
DOB: 1969
Place of birth:
Current Location: United Kingdom

Hi there, anyone out there that was in the Academy 1981-1986. Mr Lows registration class(white).
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New TopicJIM COLVILLEPosted by jcolville
18 Jun 2008 :  2:45:07 PM
Name: jim colville
Current Location: Canada

lived in arbroath until mid 50s now living in ontario used to live in west newgate would like to hear from may & jim menzies children.
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New TopicJOHN DORAPosted by johndora
17 Jun 2018 :  7:07:08 PM
Name: John Dora
DOB: 1959
Place of birth: Arbroath Infirmary
Current Location: Charlbury Oxon England

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New TopicJOHN GOURLAYPosted by John Gourlay
03 Jan 2009 :  03:27:44 AM
Name: John Gourlay
Born: Melbourne, Australia
Current Location: Australia

Born of an English mother and Scottish father in Australia, all my family history research has me spending far too many hours [according to my wife] at the computer. The Gourlays were a Fife family until great grandfather swam the Tay and set up in the Dundee area. My grandmother was an Angus Meffan with the earliest I can find [ 5th great grand parents] originating in Arbroath.
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New TopicJONES, LOUISE (NEE GARDEN)Posted by lulubabe
30 Apr 2012 :  12:03:29 PM
Born in St.Mary Street 1933. Both my brother Ron and myself were brought up by our grandparents..Maryann and John Garden. Went to Inverbrothock School then to High School. Worked in Keith Blackman until 1951 leaving to join WRAF.
Currently living in Leicester but visit Arbroath and Carnoustie regularly.
1948-1951 I was a member of the Fairport Wheelers Cycling Club. My friends and co members were Kirsty Miller..Ian Gorrie..Flo Small..Syd Buick..Jim Anderson..Johnny Young..Gus Crowe..Harry Campbell..Ally Lindsay..Anne Grieve Charlie Trimble Ray Hayes.. to name just a few!! Schooldays would include Maisie Meek..Dorothy Barnett..George Barnett..Bertha Swankie..Irene Gair..Greta Lindsay..Irene Gillespie..Ina Shand..the list goes on..The Marine Ballroom and the Green Street Dance Hall were high on my list of entertainment,not to mention the three cinemas.. Happy days!!
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New TopicJUNE JACKSON THAT WASPosted by june rathgeb
03 Aug 2008 :  12:37:06 PM
Name: June Rathgeb
Born: 1953
Current Location: Austria

After Inverbrothock and the High school I worked at DC THomson for 4 years. Have lived in Austria since 1953 but visit Arbroath nearly every year
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New TopicKAREN-ANNE BRUCEPosted by Karen
18 Jan 2009 :  10:12:28 PM
Name: Karen-Anne Bruce
Place of birth:
Current Location: United Kingdom

Currently in Poole, Dorset. Born 1960, attended Inverbrothik, Timmergreens, Arbroath High School and finally Angus Technical College. Work for social services in Mental Health (I have a good background!!). Visit Arbroath every year as my sister, nephews, mum and dad still there. Think about moving back but then the sun comes out and I think not. Brother, Grant Bruce (spug) now living here as well, so if you knew us then please get in touch. xxx
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New TopicKEITH RATTRAYPosted by keith
18 Jun 2008 :  04:50:24 AM
DOB: 1951
My parents were Jim Rattray & Annie Hall Ritchie both born bred in town , my brother was Ronnie 1949-1971 and sister Elaine who still lives in town , we used to live in 23 Millgate Loan then 118 Airlie Cres( Dale shool end ).I did not want to go into Mills or Factory or fall off a boat so I joined Scots Guards in 1969 going round the world cleaning & painting it !!!!left that in 1975 joined Fire srvice in Windsor where i stayed for 30 happy years ,moved to Warminster ,Wiltshire in 2005 to start new life on our terms ! Now doing DIY ( destroy It Yourself ).Hi to all who know me and i always think of old friends.

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New TopicLOOKING FOR `FOLK` I KNEWPosted by stoorie
22 Feb 2009 :  12:13:01 PM
Name: Debbie Spalding/ Shepherd
DOB: 1968
Place of birth:Arbroath
Current Location: the scottish side of the border!!!! thank god

Iam looking to get back in touch with anyone who remember`s me ( sad eh) i dont live in Arbroath anymore but do go back when i can. Please get in touch if you remember me, my nick name was Stoorie, i went to hayshead primary then went to the Academy.
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New TopicLORNA BRUCEPosted by redlichtie1967
18 Jun 2008 :  12:33:41 PM
Name: Lorna Bruce
Born: 1967
Current Location: Arbroathish
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New TopicLORNA GPosted by Scarlet
21 Jul 2008 :  2:10:09 PM
Name: Lorna G
Current Location: United Kingdom

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New TopicLORRAINE WILLIAMS (NEE FALCONER)Posted by lorraine Williams
15 Oct 2009 :  01:47:35 AM
Name: lorraine williams (nee Falconer]
DOB: 1953
Place of birth: Arbroath Infirmary
Current Location: Arbroath.

Hi lorraine here, went to hayshead then the academy, started my working life in fine fare on the high street, from there to the braemar, then onto the babygro, my hubby george and i had 3 boys, who have all flown the nest, we can now be found at the porty, where we have worked for 32 years.
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New TopicLYNDSAY FALCONERPosted by 0400772
27 Jan 2009 :  3:45:47 PM
Place of birth: Arbroath
Current Location: United Kingdom

I am researching FAlconer genealogy from around ARbroath and surrounding areas. Specially keen on fisher folk.

Can anyone please get in touch if you think you may be able to help


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New TopicMABEL BOYLE (NEE: LAMB )Posted by
08 Jun 2012 :  8:51:19 PM
Name: mabel boyle (nee:Lamb )
DOB: 1946
Place of birth:
Current Location: Arbroath, Scotland

Still in Arbroath,went to hayshead school and Arbroath high. Married 46 years two sons and two grandchildren.
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New TopicMACDONALD, JANPosted by Fizzy
18 Jun 2008 :  1:18:44 PM
Still alive and kicking and living in Central Scotland. I went to Abbey, Parkie, Warddykes and the Academy - left in 1974.
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New TopicMARGARET WHITTAKERPosted by margie
25 Jun 2015 :  11:10:43 PM
Name: Margaret Whittaker
Live in Canada, born in Toronto 1943

Looking for relatives of my moms, her parents were George Gibson and Margaret Ironside
lived at 19 Fisheracre til moving to Canada in 1926,
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New TopicMASTBROOK, PATRICIA (NEE PARKINSON)Posted by Patricia Mastbrook
28 Feb 2013 :  03:39:25 AM
Hi, I was born in 1943. I grew up in Stanley Street, attended Parkhouse and Arbroath High.
I left for the USA. in 1965. Been married 40yrs. and have one son and so far one grandson.
I have sister living back in Arbroath, well Colliston.
I will be back there next month in Oct. 2007 as I do every 2 years for a visit.
Would love to hear from anyone who might remember me.
Current Location: Longwood Florida...

Current update..Feb.. 2013.. now return back to Arbroath every year for a month . enjoy seeing old friends and my sister..Looking forward to Sept..
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New TopicMCCRODDEN, TERRYPosted by Terrymac
18 Jun 2008 :  10:28:42 AM
Born in Arbroath 1948.. Went to Inverbrothock primary then Hayshead primary and onto Arbroath High School. Remember that a ''Andrew Spink'' was in same year as me at school and is our forum host''s Uncle. Left Arbroth in 1964 to serve electrical engineering apprenticeship down in Rosyth. Eventually ended up down in Yorkshire 1971 and have lived there ever since.
Current Location: West Yorkshire
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New TopicMICHAEL BRICEPosted by Michael
17 Oct 2012 :  04:57:50 AM
Name: Michael Brice
DOB: 1952
Place of birth: Arbroath
Current Location: Canada

Lived in Arbroath 0 - 15 years of age, parents: Winifred Clark
and Burt Brice. Returned to play rugby for Strathie in 1973, now live in Calgary. Attended AHS, My thoughts return to Arbroath from time to time and I wonder what became of my school friends.
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