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New TopicMICHAEL DRUMMONDPosted by michaeldrummond
30 Jan 2010 :  8:59:32 PM
Name: michael drummond
DOB: 20 11 52
Place of birth: Arbroath
Current Location: Mazarron Spain
Now have two lovely grandkids Lilyjane 2 going on 7 and Jenson 10months
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New TopicMINA MCGEANPosted by mm4400
03 Jan 2009 :  3:35:43 PM
Name: Mina McGean
Born: Canada
Current Location: Canada
My maiden name is Ironside, and I have been researching our family tree in and around Arbroath for about 40 years or so. Family names of interest are Ironside, Tosh, Mitchell, Monro, Alexander, Irvine, Lisk and Meffan. My dad was born in Arbroath, and we still have plenty of family there. Thank you so much for putting the Shoppie back online!!! Lovely to see all the posts, photos, people listings, genealogy, etc. available again. Arbroath deserves to have such a great online presence, and it's wonderful to see it back. Good Job! to the webmasters, and thanks for managing to have it back up and running again.
I was just in Arbroath with my Dad, my first visit there, in June and loved it all. It may have changed considerably since my Dad grew up and left, but it is still a very nice town, and we thoroughly enjoyed seeing it and looking up the old addresses, and just spending time with family.
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New TopicMO MORRISON (NEE:PERT )Posted by Mo
18 Jan 2009 :  6:13:07 PM
Name: Mo Morrison (nee Pert )
DOB: 1945
Place of birth:
Current Location: Arbroath, Scotland

Attended Abbey School, then Hayshead, followed by Arbroath High. Held Reunion in 2008 to celebrate! 50 years since we began at the High. Fellow classmates include Alma Ruark, Maureen Milne, Brian Addison, Duncan Massie etc.
Dad, Alec Pert owned fish shop in High Street. Akela of 4th Arbroath Cubs for over 30 years - involved with Lifeboat, Age Concern and the CAFE Project. Also a Rotarian.
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New TopicMOIRA TOLLANPosted by Moira
25 Aug 2009 :  6:32:21 PM
Name: Moira Tollan
DOB: July 3, 1955
Place of birth:Ayrshire Old Cummnock
Current Location: Canada

Came to Arbroath in 1971....worked at the Babygro, lived up at Wardykes had many good friends, have been back for many visits. All my relatives are in Arbroath, Glasgow. My siblings are all in Canada....would love to hear from anyone who recognizes my name....for example Meg Bridges, Lorraine Falconer,and anyone that worked Babygro at this timeframe.
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New TopicMURRAY GRANTPosted by murray grant
10 Apr 2013 :  5:36:39 PM
Name: murray grant
Place of birth:
Current Location: Scotland
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New TopicMURRAY, JUNEPosted by junequeenofscots
23 Aug 2008 :  8:17:45 PM
I was born in arbroath in 1957, attended abbey, parkhouse, and arbroath academy.
lived above the oriental pub on abbey path until i was 9, then we moved to seaton place where we lived until we emigrated to canada in 1973, both my parents worked for robb brothers in the late sixties early seventies. I have
a brother david, if anyone remembers me i'd love to hear from you.
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New TopicMYLES COWIEPosted by mylesco
15 Jan 2014 :  12:12:33 PM
Name: myles cowie
DOB: 1939
Place of birth: Arbroath
Current Location: Scotland
I went to Inverbrothock and then the High then to Reekie Eng. left at 21 and
joined the Lighthouse Service until 1978 and went to Peterhead Power Station and lived in the north east ever since (now in Mintlaw) would welcome any contact from schoolmates etc.
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New TopicNEIL RAMSAYPosted by grapegrower
03 Jan 2009 :  02:41:16 AM
Name: Neil James Ramsay
Born: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Current Location: NSW, Australia

My father, James Sibbald Ramsay, was born in Arbroath on 24th november 1909. His father was Arthur Alexander Ramsay, mother was Bella Carrie Ramsay (nee Buick). Their address was 2 Cairnie Place. I was unable to find this location during my visits. The family emigrated to Australia after WW1 following a short time in Glasgow. I have visited Arbroath three times since 1966 and met some distant relations on my granmother's side during my first visit. I remember a Jock Ritchie who was a sea captain of some note I believe. I am still looking for any family members that may still live in Arbroath.
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New TopicNICOLL, DAVEPosted by Sandstone
28 Jun 2009 :  02:47:38 AM
Name: Dave Nicoll
Born: Kerlee, Dalhousie Place, Arbroath.
Current Location: Ontario, Canada

Glad to see the Shoppie back on the net!
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New TopicNICOLL, DAVEPosted by maslow
18 Jun 2008 :  4:05:04 PM
Hi, born 1949 in Arbroath, attended Inverbrothock then was one of the first pupils to go to the Academy when it opened. Worked in Keith Blackmans till 1970, merchant navy for 6 years, then fire brigade in Fife until 1990. Have been down south since, mostly in Luton. Dad still stays in Arbroath and one of my brothers works in Perts furniture shop. (I once babysat Howard !!!)
Current Location: Luton bedfordshire.
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14 Jul 2008 :  01:52:33 AM
Name: Pamela Palmer (nee:Stockdill )
Born: 1937
Current Location: Australia

Attended the High school 1948-52. Came to Australia 1970 but been back home many times. Love to hear from anyone who remembers me.
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04 Jun 2014 :  8:32:13 PM
Name: Patricia Richardson (nee: Ballance )
DOB: 15.05.1948
Place of birth: Arbroath Infirmary, Arbroath
Current Location: West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

I lived at Warddykes farm as a child with my older brother, John and my two younger brothers, Tommy and Billy (Billy was born at Warddykes). We went to St Vigeans school. Our first headmaster was Mr Oliver, then when he retired, it was Mr Dundas. We then went on to Arbroath High School, before leaving Arbroath to live in England (my father was English and met my mother (mary Anderson - Warddykes Farm, Arbroath) during the war. He was in the RAF and they met at the Seaforth Hotel, at a dance. Married at St Vigeans Church in 1947 and the rest is history. I can only remember a few of the children in my class at St Vigeans, and none from High School !!! Christopher Nichol, Elizabeth Smith, John Longmuir, my best friend (who sadly died some years ago now (Jennifer Wilson), Joyce Tindall, to name but a few. I am saddened to see that the farm is no more and been replaced by houses and a school. IS THE BURN STILL AT THE BOTTOM OF THE FIELD ??? CAN U STILL WALKK FROM ST VIGEANS TO THE DAM, where Rosie and Jock the swans lived ??
Im actually visiting, with my family, in August this year - so look forward to a trip down memory lane _whats left of the memory_ ........
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New TopicPETER BALBIRNIEPosted by p.balbirnie
31 Jan 2012 :  12:00:27 AM
Name: peter balbirnie
DOB: 1949
Place of birth: arbroath
Current Location: brechin Scotland
went to lnverbrothock then first classes at the academy
started as an aprentice with flemming butchers in 1965
thought the job would do until something better came along 30 years later I went back to college and got some qualificationsand got a job with angus council mental health team great job. now retired.

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New TopicPHYLL TYLER ( NEE HAILWOOD )Posted by phyllyt
02 Aug 2014 :  6:53:39 PM
Name: phyll tyler ( nee Hailwood ) (nee: )
DOB: 1/6/49
Place of birth: Arbroath
Current Location: Linconshire

Hello, I was born in Arbroath and lived there till I was 21 yrs old. I went to Arbroath Academy , started going there the year it opened, was in class 3a. I lived in East abbey st untill I was 18, with mum and grandad. we moved to beech grove, timbergreens there after....i worked at the Hospital from 1966 till 1970. Joined the Air force and have lived in England eversince.Would love to get in touch with anyone who might remember me and have a natter
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New TopicRALPH BARNETTPosted by Vee-4
07 Jul 2008 :  4:50:57 PM
Name: Ralph Barnett
Born: Arbroath 6/6/60
Current Location: Arbroath

Born a Lichtie by dint of father being in polis here. Left aged two (dad transferred to Kirrie! Nae cops commuting in them days!) and returned five years ago to run Courier office in the town.

Volunteer lifeboat crewman, reckless ageing biker and regular patron of Millgate Bar
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New TopicRITA MARSHALL (NEE: RITA LEITCH}Posted by Rita Marshall
27 Dec 2011 :  12:08:53 PM
Name: Rita Marshall (nee: Leitch )
DOB: 1930
Place of birth: Arbroath
Current Location: Australia

Married 1952, sailed with husband 2 years, then lived West Africa 18 months, later after having two children emigrated to Western Australia in 1962 with husband and family.
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New TopicROBERTSON, DEREKPosted by Derek
18 Jun 2008 :  3:19:21 PM
Name: Derek D. Robertson
Born: 1978 in the Queen Mother Wing
Current Location: Arbroath

First generation Lichtie, as my folks left the slums of weegie toon for a new start. Went to Timmers then High School, was in the BB''s briefly and then moved to Beavers and 4th Arbroath Cubs then Scouts.
After school worked in the box factory (PP ltd) for 6 years. Since then done a bit of this and that, currently working in the Millgate Bar.

Used to play a bit of rugby but packed that in after 10 years as my back disagreed with being destroyed, now spend my spare time as a volunteer at the lifeboat or pursuing my interest in local history.
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New TopicRON FENTONPosted by Smokie1756
26 Jun 2008 :  11:45:32 PM
Name: Ron Fenton
Born: 1956
Current Location: Scotland

Unfortunately born in Dundee as Mum was seeing her father in Barnhill, but emigrated to Smokie Toon at 3 days old.

Educated at Hayshead Primary from 61 - 68 and went to Arbroath High School in 68 and left in 1972 with 4 O Levels and went to The Tech in Dundee - now its called Kingsway College. Posh eh??? Took Hotel Management course for 2 years and still managing hotels.

Still return home to see my father, Ron, who is still in Conon Terrace and 80 years young. Back again soon to get REAL Smokies and Mock Chop suppers!!

Contact me at your leisure!!!
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New TopicRONALD BRUCEPosted by REB
17 Oct 2010 :  04:35:11 AM
Name: ronald bruce
DOB: 1939
Place of birth:
Current Location: USA
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New TopicSMITH, GRAEMEPosted by Planter
19 Jun 2008 :  7:40:46 PM
My byname is Planter and I went to Ladyloan and the High School. I was Head Boy at the High School, an appointment that I am still taking flak for! Actually it was pretty much a fun undertaking as I recall. Anyway, I moved to the USA in 1991, I am married to Valerie and we have two children, Emily and Laura.

My parents are in Arbroath in Union Street East and my brother lives in England.

I bring the family over around once a year usually in the November timeframe as it''s a Thanksgiving holiday here.

Feel free to email me.

Current Location: Boston, MA USA
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