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 Arbroath People
 Alastair Kidd  
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Wee Haggis

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26 Oct 2016
Posted - 15 Jan 2010 :  4:44:40 PM Show Profile Visit al_ramone's HomepageSend al_ramone a Private Message Reply with Quote
Name: Alastair Kidd
DOB: 1961
Place of birth: Arbroath RI
Current Location: Scotland

Lived in Arbroath from 1961-1963, don't remember much! Visit as often as poss - still got family in the town, as well as Carnoustie, Broughty, Dundee and Kirrie.
Went to PE college in south of England and met Fraser Cargill from the town, and Carol Gair from London, whose Grandad was in my Grandad's class in primary school! Dad also Alastair Kidd - he married Elspeth Nicoll from Carnoustie. Uncle Ron Kidd still lives in town. Great Uncle Bill Reid taught art at High School before moving on to Hospitalfield
Grandad was Arch Kidd grocer and butcher.
Philip Petrie
Senior Smokie

Philip Petrie

United Kingdom
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21 Apr 2014
Posted - 16 Jan 2010 :  06:42:52 AM Show Profile Visit Philip Petrie's HomepageSend Philip Petrie a Private Message Reply with Quote
I remember your Grandfather very well , we stayed at the prefabs at the Elms and your grandfather had at that time the little shoppie on Cairnie Road , also knew your Father but know your Uncle Ron very well ,Im sitting hererolling on the floor at the moment for there are some wonderfull memories rolling about my head at the moment of your Grandad, no credit cards then , can just see it now as if it was yesterday , aye Mr Kidd or Mrs Kidd if it was your Granny ( aye she was a nice wiffie ) Mums needin a half loaf , 1/2 pint o'milk , pund o' sugar , an a 1/2 pund o' echo marg., jist pit it on the " tick book " aye OK then , nae problem ata'
Wee Haggis

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22 Mar 2017
Posted - 04 May 2013 :  10:57:05 AM Show Profile Visit weejack's HomepageSend weejack a Private Message Reply with Quote
was that ron kidd that worked at Lambs garage
Senior Smokie

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24 May 2019
Posted - 04 May 2013 :  11:30:58 AM Show Profile Visit keptie's HomepageSend keptie a Private Message Reply with Quote
Hi Al romone ! So your related to Carnoustie born Stuart Nicoll an advocate in Edinburgh and to former sunday Post editor Russell Reid ! Your parents live in a new city up north in Scotland then ...


Wee Haggis

Arbroath, Scotland
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10 Aug 2016
Posted - 30 Jul 2015 :  3:27:03 PM Show ProfileSend Alec a Private Message Reply with Quote
Hi Alastair .. read your comments and your great uncle Bill Reid rang a bell . I'm not being disrespectful but did he have quite a few marks on his face and neck .. possibly due to the change of the body in his youth .. he was an excellent art teacher and I hadn't thought of him in years lol .. he had a lot of patience especially with my wild class .. anyway I hope alls well with you and keep well !

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