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 Aunt Sally  
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Aunt Sally
Wee Haggis

Aunt Sally

United Kingdom
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04 Aug 2010
Posted - 04 Aug 2010 :  7:56:36 PM Show Profile Visit Aunt Sally's HomepageSend Aunt Sally a Private Message Reply with Quote
Born in Glasgow, moved to the Elms aged 4 as part of the overspill of the late 60's, lived there whilst at Inverbrothock and High schools, I remember the pre-fabs down the road which were soon replaced with more new houses. Have fond memories of tree swings at Hercs Den, jumpin pipes at Hidden Valley and taking short cuts over there to school, bonfires at the Park on Guy Fawkes night, Guisin at Halloween, Itchy Coos at the Bushey Park and fly fags in the Western Cemetry (dead men don't tell tales). Timmergreens Youth Club, the Disc at the Community Centre, the Bathing Pool Disco, the Marine, Neeters, the Imperial/Malacca, the Stables at Seaton Hoose (the bucket of water song and the boat dance) stopping the bus back to town at Flemings to get fresh baked pies, 1the Meadowbank on Sundays and the Viewfield, live music round the pubs. Still love live music, drag my kids round the festivals on the South Coast in my Camper Van most summers now. Lived briefly in Colliston and Montrose before moving to Cornwall, London and settling in Poole 20 years ago. It's a lovely part of the country and the weather's better but I do miss the wit, humour and sense of fun - they just don't get it here. Would love to hear from anyone who shares these memories.
Wee Haggis

Arbroath, Scotland
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10 Aug 2016
Posted - 12 Aug 2015 :  11:16:46 PM Show ProfileSend Alec a Private Message Reply with Quote
Hi aunt Sally lol .. I was born in Arbroath in 1947 .. went to Ladyloan Primary then on to the High School for 2 years and then for a year at the newly opened Academy. Then lived in Dundee for a couple of years, then on to Sydney then back to Dundee and now I'm presently living in Manchester. Retired now but like most people on this site I still have nostalgia about Arbroath lol. It was nice reading your message by the way. I guess once a smokie always a smokie lol .. Anyway enjoy the chitchat and maybe hear from you sometime . Bye for now Alex.

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