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Arbroath Harbour

Picture: TheShoppie.com
Inner Harbour
Arbroath's first harbour was built in 1394 at Danger Point by Abbot John Gedy. It stood until 1706 when it was destroyed in a gale, another harbour was constructed around 1734. The present Harbour was begun in 1842 and was completed with the opening of the wet dock in 1877.

It was originally a commercial port and Arbroath ships traded with North America and the continent as well as around the coast of Britain.

Arbroath Town Council invited some fisher families from Auchmithie to the town in 1830 and the local fishing industry developed from that date.
Picture: TheShoppie.com
Harbour Mouth

Use of the Harbour by other local industries such as Textiles, Farming, and Quarrying declined after World War I and eventually the town's port was entirely given over to fishing. With the decline of the fishing industry the harbour became increasingly underutilised.

Over the last several years there have been successful efforts to convert the harbour for leisure use. Pontoons have been installed and the inner harbour gates repaired to allow yachts to moor. The surrounding area has also been redeveloped with the addition of a new visitor centre incorporating a Tourist Information Centre, Seafood Restaurant, and several commercial units.
Picture: Unknown
Harbour in 1940s
The Harbour area is also the location for the annual Seafest event.

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