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Arbroath Virtual Streets - Millgate

Millgate, along with the High Street and Marketgate has the distinction of being one of the three principal streets in Arbroath and dates as far back as the mid 1500's. Our images show the street as it is today - scroll along to see the entire street!

Today, Millgate is home to a wide variety of specialist retail outlets, some offices and a Restaurant. The street was also home to The Arbroath Herald until 2008. Up until a few years ago The 'Herald was produced in its entirety from the Millgate premises. The paper was still edited and produced from the Millgate offices until 2008 when the entire building was sold-off to be converted into housing.

The vast Alma Works once located opposite to the Brothock Mill building (home to The Arbroath Herald until 2008) has given way to the Weavers Close housing development.

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